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6C33 single ended OTL
Dual TQWT Fostex FE206E
Baby OTL (800 ohms load)
Dual TQWT Philips AD9710AM
MC phono preamp
Non oversampling DAC
Curve tracer
Slobodan Super
Rijeka, Croatia

On these pages are shown some of my diy projects. Intention of these pages is to present my design guidelines, not to enable copy of ready made constructions (schematics are without components values). My design guidelines are little bit unusual, one of my very important targets is to obtain extremely wide bandwidth (MHz range). It is really rare in the audio world but I don’t following the usual rules. And trust me, I have lot of reasons for this view.

This extremely wide bandwidth is a main reason why component values are not given. Without good experience in the RF field, you have a good chance to get oscillator instead of amplifier if you try to deal with MHz range.

Here are:

Single ended OTL amplifier with 5 parallel connected  6C33 tubes which deliver power of 20W at 8 ohm load (Trsat A20)

Baby OTL with one half of 6C33 which delivers 4W at 800 ohm load (Philips AD7910AM speaker)

Dual TQWT for Fostex FE206E and for Philips AD9710AM full range single drivers

Moving coil phono preamp with D3a / 6H30 / ECC88 and unique combination of 2 step up transformers and compensation network. This combination has desired transfer ratio (4) and bandwidth from 8Hz to 1MHz. Together with D3a tube as second stage, MC unit has excellent signal to noise ratio (very low noise) and MC input saturation capability of 35mV

Non oversampling DAC with 2 "time shifted" DAC channels and analog mixer

Curve tracer for presentation of tube’s curves on the scope’s screen

Announcement of some future projects with Vertical FETs, famous Yamaha’s 2SJ27, 2SK76 (in development)

And most important, the diy art of my wife – torte “Triode” 


This site is linked to the Croatian Triode Festival, central annual meeting of Croatian tube diy enthusiasts. Most  of these construction were shown there


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